Edoceo Consulting Inc is a knowledge partnership committed to providing expert research, analysis, guidance, management and leadership across a broad range of industries, providing services to a diverse client base.

Services revolve around two major areas of expertise:

  1. Economic research, analysis and management with a focus on international trade, regulatory and policy analysis, including the application of practical marketing and strategic business development within these contexts.
  2. Executive management including project and technical management, retail and distributor sales management, product, brand and category marketing, regional and division management; Guiding successful start-up and reorganization management with products, service, brands and companies in domestic and international markets; Managing success through difficult market conditions, new business challenges and change management.

Since 2000, Edoceo Consulting has been working with clients across a broad range of industries:

Edoceo Consulting Inc provides services on a project basis or via short or long-term contracts.

The principals of Edoceo Consulting Inc are May T. Yeung and Kevin R. Brost.

Ms. Yeung is a professional economist with over 20 years experience in economic research and analysis, business development, and regulatory analysis. This expertise has been applied to international economics and trade, market research, agriculture and agri-food, policy development, management systems, and more. She has an MBA (Int'l Business) from University of Wales, UK and a BA Economics from the University of Calgary. She is author or co-author of 5 books and manifold refereed journal articles, studies and reports. Recent work includes traceability in food safety systems, geographic indications, the regulation of GMOs and policy issues in the health food sector.

Mr. Brost is a seasoned leader and manager with over 25 years establishing market leadership and innovation to help clients achieve goals and objectives. His expertise includes the seeking of value-added in product marketing, global market distribution, including logistics, establishing sales forces and supply chains in difficult emerging markets as well as coaxing growth from mature markets. He has a B.Sc in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan, and is a certified Marketing Professional.

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